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Smude's sunflower oil is the best!  Besides the best price anywhere, including their low shipping cost, Smude's sunflower oil is absolutely marvelous!  For the first time in 30 years of my married life, I made the BEST fried fish my husband has ever eaten, and it was because it was fried in Smude's sunflower oil!  If you've never tried sunflower oil, buy some today from Smude's.  Besides being great for your health and making your food taste great, the price is unbeatable.  Moreover, the people are fantastic to deal with!  To the Smude family we say, keep up the great work! We are your faithful customers!


You guys have the best oil in the world. My grocery store stopped caring your oil. I looked around and couldn't find it. I realized I could just get it off the website and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I'm turning a lot of people onto your oil. I am speaking specifically about the sunflower oil but I know that you also sell some other oils and I haven't tried those yet because I am so hooked on the coldpressed sunflower oil.


I've tasted some of the best all olive oils in the world. They are nice, but they don't compare to the versatility of use of your sunflower oil.


I Love, Love, Love Smude's. Hands down this is the best sunflower oil on the market. We discovered your oil while living in Sartell, MN and bought your product, exclusively. We now live back in WA state and buy on-line because there is not another product out there that meets the quality of yours. And, your popcorn is the Best!!! The only issue I have is not receiving any notification of the order being shipped along with a tracking number. It would be awesome to have a heads up as to when your product is arriving. Other than that, your guys are rock stars in my book!!!


I was GREATLY IMPRESSED at the superior quality of this cold pressed Sunflower Oil. I had been searching and searching locally where I live (Long Island, New York) for this product and just couldn't find anything like it. I have to say that Smude's Brand Sunflower Oil is a great product!!! And they shipped it fast and the price very reasonable. It's nice to know that you can order something fragile like this oil online and get it. I recommend it highly.


The contents of the bottle are fine -- tasty, but pleasantly neutral -- and after a second order of this, we got it in the pictured glass bottle.

When we first ordered it, the bottle wasn't as nice as the one pictured. That time, instead of getting one of the bottles that we thought we could clean and use for other things, we instead got one of the typical half-translucent square frosted plastic bottles from the store. It was the same label, and the same contents, but the bottle itself was a disappointment.

But this time, we got both the oil and the lovely bottle too. I don't know if they bottle both ways, or if the other bottle was just in old packaging, but it's nice to have it either way.


Because of health reasons I follow a fairly paleo/Primal Blueprint diet regimen and since I have not found any mayonnaise that comes close to what I am looking for, I decided to make my own. The recipe I chose to use is in the book, Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings by Mark Sisson with Jennifer Meier. The recipe calls for "cold-pressed high-oleic or high-stearic sunflower oil". I put that description into Google and Smude Enterprises Cold Pressed High Oleic Sunflower Oil is what came up. I ordered it and immediately made my first batch of mayonnaise. It was delicious! I then followed one of the recipes from the Smude Oil website for a pear salad and it was fantastic. I then made another vinaigrette using half EVOO and half of Smude's sunflower oil and it was light and delicious as well. This oil comes from a family owned and operated business who take pride in their product. I highly recommend this oil.


I'm Andrej Gadzo, one of the folks with the walnut potica business who were your neighbors at the Midwest Pantry show about a month ago. You gave me one of the small sampler bottles of your sunflower oil to try with popcorn and other cooking.

I have to say, it worked brilliantly. My wife and I both love stovetop popcorn (we buy it in bulk at our local co-op) and your sunflower oil helped produce some of the best I've ever made. Your oil absolutely has a place in our kitchen now!

You've definitely got a couple of committed customers, keep up the awesome work. 


The quality and taste of this sunflower oil is amazing. I used it for oil pulling and did not have a problem making 20 minutes. I also used it on my skin and found it to be great for dry skin.


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Love to support local, quality businesses.


Shopping with you is great! The website is easy to use, paypal is an option, and Speedee sure is speedy. Best of all, we get to cook with your lovely oil. Popcorn has never had it so good. I also appreciate being able to get the glass gallon. I only wish that you had a bottle return (though I imagine that the cost and logistics would be a deal breaker). I have limited uses for my empties and feel bad recycling such a nice bottle. 

Keep up the good work!


Great service; great product.


The oil arrived quickly. It's absolutely fantastic! I cannot believe how delicious this oil is - smooth, slightly nutty. I sometimes take a spoonful all by itself, it's such a treat. I'll be ordering again soon.


My oil is always kept in the kitchen cupboard...  and it's used before it expires for sure!

I actually got my mom and her husband switched to sunflower oil.  My mom just had her physical and her Dr said her cholesterol and blood pressure were really good!   Usually, they are NOT good...  They used the bad oil a lot, so, I'm giving the credit to the sunflower oil!!


I bought my very first bottle last weekend at the Holmes City farmers market, and I Love it! My fish tasted so good. I also bought your peppermint massage oil. It feels so good on my skin. So glad I met you folks!


Fresh, great taste, came quickly. I used this to make gluten free egg rolls when having a guest with a salicylate allergy.


Nice mild taste. Good for oil pulling. Also very good for cooking and frying. I highly recommend it. Try it.


Love this stuff!


Not only are you guys making a great product, but you are also great to work with! Thank you SO much for delivering my order to Heaven and Earth Essentials in Sauk Centre! ♥


I read that High Oleic Sunflower Oil is good for you, so I've ordered this several times. It came right away. It tastes fine, it is easy to cook with. Great product.


We use this sunflower oil for everything! It has completely replaced all other oils in our house. The last thing I gave up was vegetable oil in my banana bread, when I finally used Smude's it was even more delightful. Love this stuff!


This oil smells very seed like and rich. I also have a Wegman's brand sunflower oil that claims its organic and whatnot, but it has no smell and is lighter in color.
This item was packed well and with Styrofoam. Although it arrived frozen from the extreme cold outside, it defrosted within a day. Great value for such a big bottle.


I purchased a couple of gallons of Smudes Sunflower Oil last month. I used it in my deep fryer to fry french fries.. They were the best french fries we have every had, I had been using Canola oil previously, I’ll never use that again.. Smude’s sunflower oil is the best. I’ll never use anything else to make crisp golden brown french fries. Thanks for making such a wonderful, cold pressed, non GMO product.


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Fast shipping! A+++ Seller!!

We love this oil.

Delivered on time, in perfect condition. Best sunflower oil I've ever tasted.

I received exactly what I ordered in a timely manner. I need this before I traveled and it came in time! As promised. I had two wisdom teeth removed and used it as the rinse (using the pull) instead of some other mouth wash. Healing seemed to speed along.

I've ordered from them before, though the last time I ordered directly from Smude. I really like the product. The shipping is a little pricey, but the product itself is well worth the price, especially because I don't use a lot of it, so it last me several month. 


Product is excellent.

I was a little worried because of a few reviews I'd read but ordered anyway. Service was quick and flawless. The oil is wonderful. It has a definite sunflower scent but does not over power any other flavor. Next time I'm ordering a full gallon. 

Arrived early - love this product

Shipped promptly, item as described. I am happy with my purchase and would do business with this seller again.

This oil has a light nutty flavor that compliments meats and vegetables and mixes nicely with herbs. It is a sunny light yellow and fresh tasting.

Amazon Reviews

Utterly satisfied

Bought cold pressed high-oleic sunflower oil. Item was shipped promptly and was well packaged. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is due to the lack of information on product page and sellers detail page. I could only tell what I was buying by finding the sellers non-amazon web site via google and comparing the product picture.

Excellent sunflower oil from a wonderful seller! Very fast shipping too. I highly recommend this seller. 

Excellent sunflower oil from a wonderful seller! Very fast shipping too. I highly recommend this seller. 

Excellent quality, as described and fast delivery. 

Very fresh and tasty sunflower oil. My grandparents used to make their own from their own grown sunflower seeds and this reminds very much of that oil. It was packed with isolation and arrived without any damage. It is in a glass container which is perfect for oils

Very tasty!

Very well packed. Seems like a quality product and I appreciate the glass container better than plastic. 

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