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Oil Pulling

It worked 3000 years ago, why shouldn't it work today? Oil pulling is a natural, healthy, and budget-friendly way of keeping teeth clean and white without buying expensive products.


What is it?

Oil pulling is the method of using sunflower oil to cut through plaque to remove toxins and bacteria from the mouth.

How do I do it?

The process is simple! 

1. Get 1 tablespoon of Smude's Sunflower Oil
    - The amount is really up to you though! 

2. Swish the oil around your mouth for ~20 minutes.
    - If your mouth gets tired, you're swishing too vigorously - take it down a notch or two!
    - If you can only handle, 5-10 minutes don't worry - just try not to go over 20 minutes, otherwise the

       toxins can reenter your body. 

3. Spit out the oil out in the trash or outside!

    - It can cause clogging if spit in the sink.

    - It will look milky - this is caused by the oil mixing with your saliva and is totally normal.


Oil pulling does NOT replace brushing, flossing, or regular checkups with the dentist. Please stick with your regular routine and supplement it with oil pulling with Smude's Sunflower Oil!

Want more information?

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Oil Pulling
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