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Smude's Brand Microwave Popcorn

  • Nothing like ours!

  • Unique

  • A totally different experience

About Us:

As most people would know, we also produce another product called Smude’s Brand Sunflower Oil. Smude’s Brand Sunflower Oil came out in 2010 and we are still producing it for individual sales as well as putting it into our microwave popcorn. Smude’s Brand Microwave Popcorn was launched in 2017 and as people discover it, it continues to grow. Our goal is to make healthy microwave popcorn, our bags do not have any fluorocarbon (wax) unlike our other competitors. The bags that we use are multi-layered paper bags to substitute for fluorocarbon to ensure that we stick to our all-natural mission. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company that is filling microwave bags with liquid sunflower oil. Our competitors are using fluorocarbon-lined bags, less healthy oils that solidify at room temperature, hydrogenated, or a combination of both. Our microwave popcorn has three ingredients - Cold Pressed Smude’s Sunflower Oil, white platinum popcorn, and plain popcorn salt (no potassium iodine).

About the microwave popcorn you are used to:

While we all know that people are wanting to have that theatre-like popcorn when at home, it may not always be the healthiest. Our competitors are looking at their product for convenience and price, not always when it is the healthiest for your body. Other competitors put unnecessary chemicals or fluorocarbon in their bags, sometimes when you look at their ingredients you cannot even pronounce the words that are on the list. We at Smude’s are ensuring our customers know that we are being 100% honest when we tell you that we do not have any extra ingredients in our microwave popcorn. What makes our microwave popcorn different from our competitors? Smude’s Brand Microwave popcorn does not solidify the oil that goes into our bag, we also do not add any butter to our popcorn - the sunflower oil adds a buttery taste for us!

Consequences of Smude's Brand Microwave Popcorn: 

We know that our microwave popcorn bags can leak, since we are pioneering this new way of natural microwave popcorn we are still working on keeping our oil inside the bag. We have seen a great improvement with our new machine that we started working on in 2020. We are consistently looking at new methods to make our microwave popcorn to the standards of a non-leaky bag. We ask at this time to please be considerate of our issues as we are going through this unknown territory. If you come across a bag that is oily it is still good, we recommend that you put a paper towel down in the microwave to reduce the mess it may leave behind. If you are concerned about our product not being sanitary please contact us and we are willing to give a full refund.

Smude's Microwave Popcorn is:

  • Natural

  • Unrefined

  • NOT organic certified

  • Non-GMO

  • Kosher Certified

  • Gluten-Free

  • MN Produced

  • High oleic (high amounts of oil content in the seed)

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